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Martin, SD Program

Martin SD Program 2021

C.O.R.E. has been working hard to make our programs a success at each program this year, there have been many challenges due to COVID shutting schools down last year. This year we are still dealing with the results of the same. There are a lot of moving parts to a program, and it is a scheduling challenge when bringing a program together where everyone can work together for a common goal: “to help teens make better choices”, thereby making a stronger community.
In keeping our focus with the student in mind and the best impact we can have on their lives, The C.O.R.E. Board is moving the location of the Freshman Impact program to Bennett County High School. A special thanks to Jackson County School District and High School for their support and understanding.

The program will be on the same day, (May 5th) involving Martin, Kadoka, Philip, New Underwood and Wall schools. As always, all community members, Law Enforcement, parents and first responders are invited to share in the lives of your community’s teens and /or be a part of this awesome program. Please mark your calendar for Wednesday May 5th 2021 for the Freshman Impact at Bennett County High School. The following schools will be attending: New Underwood, Kadoka, Philip, Wall and Martin.