Freshman Impact

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Our Only Mission

 Working to save teen lives through interactive preventative education.

​This video shows what this program is all about. It starts with a party scene with teenagers having fun. The story changes drastically as some of them make some very poor choices. There is an accident, some very vivid injuries, a death, funeral, and a mock court room. Sadly, this is based on real stories.


Freshman Impact: Caught in the Moment is a powerful one-day prevention program for young teenage students. The students see up close and learn through hands-on activities the possible consequences of wrong choices and the lasting effects physically and emotionally on their bodies, their families and friends, and their community. The program promotes communication and developing rapport between the youth and law enforcement / fire / rescue personnel.

The program brings together local, county, state and federal resources to educate students, parents and school staff on destructive teenage issues and the consequences. Law enforcement/fire/rescue departments can use the program as inter-depart mental training for their personnel in emergency response skills, working as a team with other area departments, and promoting community relations.

As a team, everyone works together to promote young teenagers making safe choices and preventing destructive behaviors. It is important to give our young teenagers the tools to develop life-long skills and values to make the best choices.